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Private Investigation Firm in Tampa, FL

Professional and Ethical Private Investigators in Tampa; Orlando; Jacksonville and Miami, Florida. Licensed and Insured! FL License # A 1400299

Domestic Research Group Private Investigation
We are a locally owned military veteran company. Are you a veteran? Let us know and instantly receive 20% off of your investigation!

At Domestic Research Group, we stand by the principles of integrity and honesty. We are a private investigation firm based out of Tampa, FL. We also serve the Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville areas. We know that calling on a private investigator may be difficult for some. When you contact us, we will listen to what you have to say, we will explain to you what we do and how we will look out for your best interests.

We take specific steps to ensure that we only provide you with the information that you need and that everything we uncover is valid and true along with evidence to back up the information we obtained. If need be, we have flexible payment options suitable to fit your needs! Call us for a FREE consultation at 813-501-4598!
Our services are available both for companies and for private individuals who need help locating others, proving cases, investigating claims and any other type of background or research work to include infidelity and child custody cases.

Many if not all other investigative agencies will say, "we have the experience" or just because they may have been ex-law enforcement they believe they can do the job.. We are former Intelligence Officers. We've made our career out of this business. We can prove our experience! And as a retired US Counterintelligence Special Agent, let us work YOUR investigation today and see for yourself!

State of the Art Investigative Methods

Our founder, Richard Baptist, spent years working for the Department of Defense before deciding to bring his unique skill set to the private sector. The years he spent working for the DOD gave him a unique perspective on how best to perform investigations. As the leading private investigator in the Tampa region, he trains all those working for our company on the art of investigating cases properly and professionally.
We use only the latest and best equipment for the job and go the extra mile to complete all assignments in a timely fashion. That means we sometimes spend 10 hours working on a single case in just one day. The methods we use are the same ones that the government relies on when performing background checks and investigating individuals. This ensures that you get all the information you need when you hire Domestic Research Group. The bottom line, we are best!