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In God We Trust. All Others, We Investigate.


Private Investigators in Tampa, FL

Our Story

We have more than 25 years investigative experience.

Our founder, Richard Baptist worked in the government sector for the Department of Defense for almost 20 years investigating National Security Crimes before deciding to open his own company upon retirement. He brought with him a unique understanding of the private investigation field as well as a full understanding of what our clients want. and need. Here at Domestic Research Group, we are more than just another private investigation company. We believe in working closely with our clients to keep you updated on everything we do and every step we take. This will assure you that we are doing our best and that we will do whatever it takes to help you. Our professional investigators have more than 25 years of experience helping companies, business owners and individuals find the evidence and proof they need in a court of law. We are not just former law enforcement like most of our competitors, we are former investigators and special agents with the experience needed to complete every unique case in lawful and expedited manner! We serve the major metro areas of Florida: Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Miami. Please call us today at 813-501-4598 for more information.

Our Business is based on honesty, accuracy, and integrity.

Here at Domestic Research Group, we pride ourselves on three simple things: honesty, accuracy, and integrity. Integrity means that we stand behind all the work that we do. Unlike other companies, we will only charge you for the work we complete and for the results we obtain. Accuracy means that we provide you with valid and useful information. If we are uncertain of anything we find, we will not pass the information on to you. We also pride ourselves on our ability to be open and honest with all clients not to mention we keep a 100% open line of communication with each and everyone of our clients.

We are coming soon to South Carolina and Washington!