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Professional Investigators in Tampa, FL

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Domestic Research Group in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL

Here at Domestic Research Group, we are proud to call the Tampa Bay area our home. Our corporate headquarters are located just several miles north of Tampa, and we cover all surrounding areas.
Domestic Research Group in Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Orlando holds a special place in our hearts. Richard Baptist, founder of Domestic Research Group grew up in Orlando and still maintains close ties with his family there.
Domestic Research Group in Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Need assistance in the beautiful Miami area? Our experienced staff of bilingual investigators are here to help with whatever you need.
Domestic Research Group in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Thinking you may require Private Investigator services in the great city of Jacksonville? Our crack team of investigators are well trained and at the ready to help.


Our Mission Statement

At Domestic Research Group, our mission is to utilize every investigative resource available to the Investigation's industry in order to successfully complete our client's investigation, seek out the truth and provided detailed proof obtained during the investigation. We conduct our investigations with our client's best interests in mind and every step of our investigative process is conducted in order to help them make an educated decisions backed with solid evidence and concrete proof.